Community Development Ideas – alphabetically

The following is an alphabetical list of the project ideas developed so far through SIEDC’s Community Development process. Click here to read about the process and how you can become a part of it.

ID Category Project/Idea Description
49 3- Transportation 2nd & Maule Intersection Improve this intersection
19 1- Land Use Abandoned Homes Rehab or demo abandoned homes
109 6- Utilities Adequate Power Ensure electric power is adequate
194 11- Environment Agicultural Runoff Manage ag runoff into creek/river
56 3- Transportation Alley Beautification Beautify the alleys
139 8- Public Safety Alley Lighting Improve alley lighting (and cleanup)
37 2- Housing America In Bloom Implement America in Bloom program
22 1- Land Use American Standard Redevelop former AS Property
200 11- Environment Annexation Agreements Review and approve annexation agreements
167 9- Recreation Anytime Fitness Options Develop more 24/7 fitness options
172 10- Culture Arches Construct arches at downtown entrances
171 10- Culture Art & Culture Festivals Develop more/enhance exist. art/cult. fest’s
185 10- Culture Artist Center Develop a local artist center
186 10- Culture Arts District Develop an arts district
140 8- Public Safety Back/Parking Lighting Light backs of buildings and parking lots
5 1- Land Use Bank Demo Former bank building across from E. Tower
175 10- Culture Banner Program Develop a banner program
155 9- Recreation Baseball Diamonds Develop more baseball diamonds
156 9- Recreation Basketball Courts Develop more basketball courts
61 3- Transportation Bike Lanes Create bike lanes on targeted streets
23 1- Land Use Block Development Develop Market & Perry area – near HU
21 1- Land Use Botton Property Redevelop vacant property off Wall St.
6 1- Land Use BP Station Plan for BP at Circular & Market St.
177 10- Culture Bridge Flags Place flags on bridges
173 10- Culture Bridge Lighting Light the bridges
113 6- Utilities Bridge Lighting Power Develop bridge lighting power structure
176 10- Culture Bronze Statues Commission bronze statues along trail
3 1- Land Use Brownfields Downtown brownfield remediation
189 10- Culture Car Shows Attract downtown car shows
91 5- Education Career Services Help students find job opportunities
122 7- Public Health Citywide Fitness Program Develop a citywide fitness program
10 1- Land Use Code Enforcement Enforce building code
9 1- Land Use Comprehensive Plan Update 1994 Comp. Plan
131 7- Public Health Convenience Care Provide cheaper convenience care (clinic)
126 7- Public Health Coordinated Care More coordinated care with local svc
179 10- Culture Culturefest Develop a (international) Culturefest event
96 5- Education Disabled/Gifted Options Improve options for dev. disabled/gifted
161 9- Recreation Downtown Amphitheatre Build downtown amphitheatre
188 10- Culture Downtown Cruising Attract downtown cruising
164 9- Recreation Downtown Events Develop more downtown events
70 4- Economic Downtown Gas Station Redevelop downtown gas station
154 9- Recreation Downtown Greenspace Develop downtown greenspace
38 2- Housing Downtown Housing Increase number of apts and condos
28 1- Land Use Downtown Infill Quality infill on available sites
32 2- Housing Downtown Lofts Create upscale downtown loft apartments
114 6- Utilities Downtown Outlets Increase number of downtown outlets
62 3- Transportation Downtown Parking Increase and improve downtown parking
102 6- Utilities Downtown Sound Develop legal downtown sound system
127 7- Public Health Drug Rehab Do more innovative drug rehab program
11 1- Land Use East Tower Renovate East Tower
64 3- Transportation Eastern Loop Create Eastern Loop around city
82 5- Education Edible/Botanical Garden Create an edible/botanical gardent
97 5- Education Education City Brand Strengthen brand of education city
95 5- Education Education Collaboration Resolve TCS/NCOESC differences
80 4- Economic Elementary Consolidation Consolidate elementary schools
192 11- Environment Emergency Drills Develop emergency drill system
101 6- Utilities Energy Special Imp. Dist. Create an Energy Special Impr. District
25 1- Land Use Façade Alleys Expand grants to alleys
26 1- Land Use Façade Other Districts Expand grants to other historic districts
50 3- Transportation Fair Lane Extension Extend Fair Lane from Hopewell to 224
135 8- Public Safety Fire Station #3 Build a third fire station
193 11- Environment Flood Preparedness Develop flood preparedness plan (walls)
112 6- Utilities Frost Parkway Power Improve power to Frost Parkway area
15 1- Land Use Glasshouse Develop glasshouse property
94 5- Education Guidance Counseling Improve/strengthen guidance counsling
121 7- Public Health Health Department Strengthen the health department
123 7- Public Health Health Fairs Conduct (a) regular health fair(s)
124 7- Public Health Health Options & Access More convenient options and access
73 4- Economic Hiring Subsidies Subsidize employers hiring
35 2- Housing Historic Homes Develop a historic homes program
169 9- Recreation Hockey Team Develop a hockey team
138 8- Public Safety Hospital Police Develop hospital police force
41 2- Housing Housing Code Enforce housing codes (health, etc.)
40 2- Housing Housing Demo Demolish housing as needed in city
4 1- Land Use Housing Demo – East Portions of east side near HU
196 11- Environment HU Flooding Solve Heidelberg flooding problem
89 5- Education IB Program Develop Int’l Baccalaureate program
147 9- Recreation Ice Arena Build an indoor ice arena
132 7- Public Health Immunization Focus Focus more on immunizations
149 9- Recreation Indoor Rec Space Develop indoor rec space (bb court)
87 5- Education Industrial Connections Increase ind/business connex with schools
14 1- Land Use Industrial Park Develop industrial park
88 5- Education JA Expansion Expand Junior Achievement, also to county
39 2- Housing Jefferson/Perry Housing Fix up housing on Jefferson & Perry St.
166 9- Recreation Joint Parks District Create a joint city-county parks district
165 9- Recreation Joint Parks Funding Increase amount of parks funding / joint
92 5- Education K12 Facilities Improve/build new K12 facilities
75 4- Economic K12 Healthcare Improve connections of K12 & healthcare
81 5- Education Kalamazoo Promise Develop a “Kalamazoo Promise” type prog.
146 8- Public Safety Kids Fair Conduct a kids’ fair event
1 1- Land Use Land Banking Urban renewal land banking
36 2- Housing Landscaping Contests Implement best yard/garden contests
69 4- Economic Library & Coffee Shop Integrate a library, coffee shop concept
46 3- Transportation Loop Road SR 53 to SR 18 using Tyber Rd. – upgrade
74 4- Economic Manufacturing Brand Improve perception of manufacturing
48 3- Transportation Maule Rd. Reconstruct Reconstruct Maule Rd. from 2nd to Tyber
90 5- Education Medical Prep Education Develop pre-med program in HS
120 7- Public Health Mental Health Services Make more innovative, unique
12 1- Land Use Meyer’s Rehab Rehab former Meyer’s Drugstore
34 2- Housing Mid-Range Housing Develop more new housing < $250K
16 1- Land Use Mobile Home Park Redevelop property near old W. Jr. High
31 2- Housing More Housing Develop more and different types
174 10- Culture Mural Program Develop a mural plan and program
183 10- Culture Museum Enhancements Enhance existing museums
184 10- Culture Museum Funding Increase funding for museums
182 10- Culture Music Events Enhance/increase music events
181 10- Culture Music Festivals Enhance/increase music festivals
178 10- Culture Neighborhood Branding Develop neighborhood identities/brands
43 2- Housing Neighborhood Groups Develop neighborhood areas/groups
153 9- Recreation Neighborhood Parks Improve/develop new neighborhood parks
142 8- Public Safety Neighborhood Watch Develop neighborhood watch program
27 1- Land Use Nik-Naks Demo Demolish Nik-Naks building in downtown
103 6- Utilities Northwest Infrastructure Ensure sewer/water/gas support NW dev.
198 11- Environment Nuclear Preparedness Develop nuclear preparednes plan
150 9- Recreation Outdoor Games Develop public outdoor games, tables, chairs
47 3- Transportation Parking Garage Build a downtown parking garage
57 3- Transportation Pedestrian Bridge Improve/create pedestrian bridges
30 1- Land Use Pedestrian Zone Create zone on Riverside Drive
67 3- Transportation Pedestrian Zones Create pedestrian zones in the city
133 7- Public Health Pediatric Services Increase quantity/quality of pediatric svc
8 1- Land Use Planning Develop plan for Tiffin Center property
148 9- Recreation Playground Equipment Improve outdoor activities & playground eq.
145 8- Public Safety Police Beats Have police walk new/more “beats”
137 8- Public Safety Police Staff Hire more police officers
143 8- Public Safety Prejudice Training Develop prejudice training for officers
130 7- Public Health Primary Care Access Provide more access to primary care
170 9- Recreation Public Art Increase number of public art works
99 5- Education Public Edu. Leadership Strengthen public education leadership
129 7- Public Health Public Health Grants Find more public health grants
44 3- Transportation Public Transportation Improve public transportation options
111 6- Utilities Public Water Evaluate making water public
119 7- Public Health Qualifying Health Center Develop federally QHC for underserved
65 3- Transportation Railroad Crossings Evaluate all railroad crossings
136 8- Public Safety Railroad Sound Solve RR sound problem (e.g., barrier)
45 3- Transportation Recreational Transport. Use zip bikes, kayaks, paddle boats
191 11- Environment Recycling Cans Install recyclable material cans in public
42 2- Housing Relocation Incentives Provide incentives to move to Tiffin
110 6- Utilities Renewable Energy Develop renewable energy
152 9- Recreation Rental Bikes Develop a rental bike system
98 5- Education Resident Classes Open university classes to residents
71 4- Economic Revolving Loan Fund Develop a small business fund, like an RLF
68 3- Transportation River Road Improve River Road
163 9- Recreation River Utilization Plan Develop a river utilization plan
17 1- Land Use Riverfront Develop the riverfront
151 9- Recreation Riverfront Park & Trails Develop a riverfront park, with trails
117 7- Public Health Road to Hope Increase funding for this drug rehab prog.
195 11- Environment Rock Creek Protect and enhance Rock Creek
144 8- Public Safety Safety Forces Facilities Improve/build new safety forces facilities
141 8- Public Safety SCAT College Pickup Develop SCAT routes for college students
59 3- Transportation SCAT Routes Have a SCAT Route to Heidelberg and TU
83 5- Education Scholarship Fund Develop scholarship fund for local grads
93 5- Education School Funding Strengthen/solve school funding
78 4- Economic School to Work Develop school to work program
77 4- Economic Sentinel Expansion Expand Sentinel training program
106 6- Utilities Sewer Expansion Expand the sewer system
116 6- Utilities Sewer Separation Continue sewer separation project
52 3- Transportation Shaffer Park Extension Extend Shaffer Park – Market to Miami
197 11- Environment Shooting Training Develop shooting training courses (ALICE)
53 3- Transportation Sidewalks & Drains Improve street infrastructure (sidewalks,…)
168 9- Recreation Skate Park Develop a better skate park
86 5- Education SMYL Program Expand the SMYL Program
158 9- Recreation Softball/Baseball Complex Create tournament complex (4 fields, 400 cars)
13 1- Land Use Spec Building Develop speculative building
134 7- Public Health Specialty Physicians Recruit more specialty physicians
157 9- Recreation Splashpad Create a public splashpad feature
118 7- Public Health St. Francis Public Use Encourage public use of St. Francis
107 6- Utilities Storm Water Develop a storm water system
58 3- Transportation Street Improvement Improve street surfacing
54 3- Transportation Streetscape Market Perry Do streetscape along Market, Perry, Wash.
55 3- Transportation Streetscape Miami Clay Do streetscape along Miami, Clay St.
180 10- Culture Symphony Develop a local symphony
79 4- Economic Talent Recruitment Develop talent recruitment program
128 7- Public Health Teen Challenge Implement the faith-based Teen Challenge
125 7- Public Health Telemedicine Develop telemedicine options
7 1- Land Use Tiffin Mall Develop plan for mall
33 2- Housing Townhomes Develop more townhomes (e.g., near HU)
160 9- Recreation Trail Connectors Develop connectors between diff. trails
159 9- Recreation Trail Plan Develop a bike trail plan in and out of town
18 1- Land Use Trails Develop bridges and trails
2 1- Land Use Transitional Areas Improving transitional areas
51 3- Transportation Transportation Plan Create a transportation plan
190 11- Environment Trash Cans Increase number of public trash cans
20 1- Land Use Trees Improve trees on streets (quantity)
60 3- Transportation Trolley Purchase and use public trolley
85 5- Education Tutoring Program Develop a Volunteer Tutoring Program
63 3- Transportation Two-Way Streets Convert one-way to two-way streets
76 4- Economic University Advancement Promote advancement of HU and TU
24 1- Land Use Use Easements Utilize ag/historic easement programs
29 1- Land Use Vacant Registration Develop vacant property registration
66 3- Transportation Wall St. Crossing Close rail crossing on Wall St. near TU
108 6- Utilities Water Quality Enhance water quality management
199 11- Environment Water Quality Manage & protect water quality
104 6- Utilities Water Sewer Lines Extend water and sewer lines
115 6- Utilities Water St. Fuel Tank Remove orphan tank on Water St.
187 10- Culture Website Develop an arts and culture website
100 5- Education Welcome Program Create welcome program for new residents
105 6- Utilities WiFi Develop downtown/city wifi
72 4- Economic Workforce Plan Develop a workforce development plan
162 9- Recreation YMCA Relocation Relocate the YMCA to the hospital campus
84 5- Education Youth Mentoring Develop a Youth Mentoring Program

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