Heidelberg to host Fifth Annual Harry Potter Fest

potter-palsHave you ever wished you could attend Hogwarts and enjoy the great feasts? So have the students attending Heidelberg University, and they have done something about it!

For the past five years, the students and faculty of Heidelberg have created their own Potter world, one night a year, transforming the Wickham Great Hall into a Potter fan’s dream. The head table is full of familiar faces, and the Sorting Hat graces the audience with a song and a sorting ceremony for lucky individuals. All participants are encouraged to show their Potter spirit.

Dinner is provided, as well as souvenirs, games, and a chance to win prizes.

Open to the community, the Fifth Annual Harry Potter Fest is being held this Friday, February 5th, from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Individual tickets are available for $5, and family tickets for $10. Special edition Order of the Phoenix shirts are also available for $10.

To register, email engagement@heidelberg.edu. If you have any questions, contact Lindsay Kagy at 419.448.2207.

Hannah Taulbee – Heidelberg Student and SIEDC Intern

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