Easter Hunt and Treat

Easter Event Flier - V4The Easter Bunny has helpers hiding in Tiffin!     

Due to the busy season, the Easter Bunny is sending helpers into downtown Tiffin to help spread the goodies and fun, but they need some help. Not only will these helpers need a place to hide, but they will need a name, and some goodies to give away.

To make sure that all of these bunnies are visited, there will be a form available at the Laird Arcade (at the corner of S. Washington and E. Market St.), where participants can write down the names of the ones they have found. Once the form is full, return the card to the Laird to be entered into a drawing for a bike, donated by TiffinOhio.org, or Chamber Cash from the Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce!

The helpers are scheduled to be in town Friday, March 18th, from 3:30 to 5:00 pm, and expected to be hiding inside, due to the chilly weather.

Downtown businesses that would be willing to help the Easter Bunny, are asked to contact Yolanda Gonzalez (yolanda.gonzales4@gmail.com), who also organized the “Trick or Treat” that took place downtown this past October.

Hannah Taulbee – Heidelberg Student and SIEDC Intern

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